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WBKO Icon Channel 13 HDTV

WBKO Icon 13 Local and ABC News

  • (13) is the WBKO Icon channel number; known by previous analog Channel 13 Local News and ABC Network broadcast.
  • The Three WBKO Service Transport Channels

  • WBKO 13 Service Channel -1 carries Local and ABC News.

  • WBKO-FX Service Channel -2 carries FOX and JTV Networks.
    WBKO-CW Service Channel -3 carries The CW Network ..

    The WBKO-HD channel and service Info

  • The TV Station service ID : WBKO-HD
  • The WBKO Digital Channel : 13.1.
  • Language: English
  • Video Resolution: 1280 x 720p 60 Hz

  • The WBKO-HD service channel

  • To Tune to WBKO-HD enter either 13 or 13.1 as the station channel .

  • WBKO Provider Service Information
    The WBKO TV Weather service, Web page address is:
    WBKO in Bowling Green Kentucky Carries it's own Local News , Weather and information at these times.
    11:00 AM WBKO News at Midday
    10:00 PM WBKO News at 10
    The Official WBKO-HD TV Station Web Site is:

    The WBKO-HD 13.1 associated Network is ABC - "American Broadcasting Company".

    WBKO Scan and RF Tune

    Scan for WBKO ABC, FOX and CW

  • To scan for all three WBKO services; point the antenna toward upper Warren county above Bowling Green, Kentucky.

  • Go to your Digital TV or ATSC - Digital To Analog Converter Box service menu, check keep current channels if applicable then select scan for services.

  • Using The RF Number to tune in WBKO-HD

    TV RF Number 13 represents the VHF High Band Radio frequency 213.000 MHZ used by TV Station WBKO .

  • Direct entry of RF Number 13 will tune in WBKO-HD ABC and then display Digital Channel 13.1 ..

  • The letters "HD" at the end of the WBKO station call sign gives reference to High Definition Video.
  • Results from a Full Scan for WBKO services

    Number of Services found : 3
    The WBKO Digital Transport ID is : 4BF
    Number of Services added : 3
    WBKO Call Sign Licensee