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WBKO-CW Channel 13.3 TV

TV channel selection for WBKO-CW.

  • DTV Channel number 13 represents the WBKO station
  • Subchannel number .3 selects the CW networked service.
  • The Three WBKO Service Transport Channels

    WBKO 13 Service Channel -1 carries Local and ABC News.
    WBKO-FX Service Channel -2 carries FOX and JTV Networks.
  • WBKO-CW Service Channel -3 carries The CW Network ..

  • WBKO-CW on Screen Channel and service info

  • The TV Station service ID : WBKO-CW
  • The WBKO CW Digital Channel : 13.3.
  • Language: English
  • Video Resolution: 704 x 480 30 Hz ..
  • To Tune to WBKO-CW before and after an initial scan ,enter 13 as the station channel and .3 as the WBKO-CW service number ..

  • WBKO Provider Service Information

  • The Official WBKO-CW Station Web Site is:

  • The WBKO-CW 13.3 Service symbol is CW - "CW Network".
    View CW Affiliate Stations.

    WBKO CW RF Tune

    Scan for CW on WBKO Digital 13-3

    Icon and RF numbers are the same, the information below can be used to tune to The CW anytime.

  • To scan for this WBKO CW service, point the antenna toward upper Warren county above Bowling Green, Kentucky.
  • Using The DTV RF Number to tune in WBKO-CW

  • Selecting RF channel 13.2 will tune in WBKO-CW and then display the same DTV Channel number and service stream as seen to your left.
  • If you have a channel add feature you could then add this channel number to your channel list.
  • The letters "CW" at the end of the WBKO station call sign give reference to the CW Network.