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Channel 41 TV Stations
  • WDRB 41.2 - Ant.TV

  • WDRB Digital TV 41.2

    TV channel selection for Ant.TV.

  • Number 41 represents the WDRB TV station.
  • Service .2 selects Ant programing.

  • Ant.TV is one of two available WDRB aerial TV services.

  • ۞ See the right side of this page for Ant.TV initial scan and RF Number direct entry tune ..

    The Ant.TV displayed channel and Info as it appears on the TV Screen ; after a service Scan.

  • The TV Station service ID : Ant.TV
  • The drb channel and service number: 41.2.
  • Language: English

  • Tuning to Ant.TV Ant after adding service .2 .

  • Entering 41 as the Station channel, with service number .2 will get you to the Ant.TV, Ant service .

  • WDRB Provider Service Information
    The Official Ant.TV TV Station Web Site is:

    The Ant.TV Service channel .2 associated Network is Ant - "Antenna TV".

    WDRB Antenna TV RF

    WDRB Antenna TV service scan

  • To scan for The WDRB Antenna TV service; point the antenna toward north eastern Floyd County, Kentucky as seen below.

  • Using The RF Number to tune to Ant.TV

  • ۞ Entering RF Number 49.2 will tune in Antenna TV and then display Digital Channel 41.2 ..
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