WKRN Digital Channel 2 TV Reception, Williamson County, Tennessee ..

WKRN Channel 2.2

The Nashville Weather channel

  • The Nashville weather channel Service is provided by WKRN
  • (2-2) selects the Nashville Weather service.
  • WKRN is utilizing (3) transport channels.

  • What WKRN info is shown when pressing the View key ?

  • The Weather Channel service ID reads: WKRN-SD
  • The WKRN Weather channel and service No. reads: 2.2.
  • Language: English
  • The Video Resolution reads 704 x 480 30Hz
  • What is the WKRN Nashville Weather Channel Web address ?

  • The Official WKRN-SD weather Channel Web Site is: nashvillewx.com

  • What are the letters WX represent ? WX is an acronym for "Weather".

    WKRN RF Channel 27.2 UHF

    Nashville Weather Channel Reception

  • Point the antenna toward the northern tip of Williamson county joining Davidson county (below Nashville, Tennessee.)

  • Can RF Channel 27 scan for The Weather Channel ?

  • Direct entry of RF Number 27 with Service number .2 ("27.2") will direct tune "The Nashville Weather Channel"
  • The letters "SD" at the end of the WKRN station call sign give reference to the digital TV format; "Standard Definition"
  • SDTV has the basic digital television format closest to traditional analog TV. The highest Video resulution recorded for this service so far is: 704x480i 30 Hz ..
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