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Channel 32 TV Stations
  • WLKY 32.2 - MeTV

  • WLKY Channel 32.2 - MeTV. - Kentucky

    WLKY MeTv Channel 32.2

    Channel and Service selection for MeTv .

  • Icon Channel number 32 represents the WLKY TV Station.
  • Service number (.2) serves as the selector for MeTV Networked programing.

  • ? See the right side of this page for service .2 tunning via DTV RF channel scan.

    MeTV Service .2 Info as it appears on the TV Screen.

  • The TV Station service ID : WLKY-DT
  • The WLKY channel and service number: 32.2.
  • Language: English

  • Tuning to WLKY MeTV after adding service .2 .

  • Once in your channel list; entering 32 as the Station channel, with service number .2 will get you to the WLKY-DT, MeTV service.

  • WLKY Provider Service Information
    The Web address for WLKY-DT Affiliate service Listings is:
    The WLKY-DT 32.2 associated Network is MeTV - "Me TV".
    View MeTV Affiliate Stations and weekday programs.

    WLKY MeTV RF Tune

    WLKY Me Tv service scan.

  • To scan for The Louisville MeTV Channel service; point the antenna toward the nort east corner of Floid County, Kentucky
    (above the north west edge of Louisville).

  • Using The DTV RF Number to tune to WLKY MeTv Service .2

  • Entering DTV channel 26 with service .2 will tune in WLKY "Louisville MeTV " and then display the Virtual Channel and service, shown on the left of this page. (or top if viewed without page style)
  • You could also add WLKY MeTV service two, to your channel list this way on some DTV/TV converter recievers.
  • The letters "DT" at the end of the WLKY Service .2 call sign give reference to "Digital Transport"
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