Digital Channel 6 DX Curb ..
By SpyResearch
Location : Southern Kentucky

WPSD Digital Channel 6.2

TV channel selection for WPSD-TV.

  • Number 6 is the WPSD station Icon channel number.
  • Service number .2 selects the RTV Networked service.

  • WPSD RTV as it appears on the TV info Screen .

  • The TV Station service ID : WPSD-TV
  • The WPSD channel number : 6.2.
  • Language: English

  • This WPSD Channel 6.2 RTV service data stream is on digital sub-channel two (.2).

  • To Tune to WPSD-TV after an initial scan or adding it to your channel list;
  • Enter 6.2as the channel number for WPSD-TV's RTV service.

  • WPSD Provider Service Information
    The Official WPSD-TV TV Station Web Site is:

    The WPSD-TV 6.2 associated Network is RTV -
    "Retro Telefision".
    View RTV Affiliate Stations and weekday programs.

    WPSD RTV RF Tune

    WPSD-TV RTV service scan

  • Prier to other services being stored as channel 32, the WPSD RF information below can be used to tune to Retro Television anytime .
  • To scan for this WPSD RTV network service; point the antenna toward the extream north end of Ballard County, Kentucky. (north west from Paducha, Ky.)
  • Using The DTV RF Number to tune to WPSD-TV on service Channel .2

  • Selecting RF channel 32.2 will tune in WPSD-TV's RTV service and then display the Virtual Channel and service number as shown to your left.