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Channel 3 TV Stations
  • WREG 3 - CBS

  • WREG 3.2 - NC3A
    WREG 3.3 - Antenna

    WREG TV station Channel 3

    TV channel selection for WREG-TV.

  • Number 3 is the WREG station Icon channel number known by past analog broadcast.
  • .1 is the service selector to find Local News and CBS Networked services.
  • WREG is multicasting three service channels .

  • WREG 3 as it appears on the TV info Screen .

  • The TV Station service ID : WREG-TV
  • The WREG channel number : 3.1.
  • Language: English

  • This WREG Channel 3 service data stream is on digital sub-channel one (.1).

  • To Tune to WREG-TV after an initial scan or adding it to your channel list, enter either 3 or 3.1 as the station channel and service number.

  • WREG Provider Service Information
    The Official WREG-TV TV Station Web Site is:
    WREG TV Programing -

    The WREG-TV 3.1 associated Network is CBS - "Columbia Broadcasting System".
    View CBS Affiliate Stations and weekday programs.

    WREG Station RF Channel

    Initial scan for WREG Services.

    RF Channel 28 represents the UHF Radio frequency 557.000 MHZ used by TV Station WREG.
  • To scan for all three WREG services; point the antenna toward Mid shelby County near Memphis Tennessee
  • Go to your DTV or ATSC - Digital To Analog Converter Box service menu, check keep current channels if applicable then select scan for services; .
  • Using The DTV RF Number to tune in WREG-TV

    * Works Best before storing channels *
  • Selecting either RF channel 28 or 28.1
    will tune in WREG-TV and then display the Virtual Channel and service number shown to your left.
  • You could then add the WREG NBC Network service to your channel list.
  • The letters "TV" at the end of the WREG station call sign give reference to air "Television"
  • Results from a DTV RF Number 28 scan for WREG services

    Number of Services found : 3
    The WREG Digital Transport ID is : A8F
    Number of Services added : 3
    WREG Call sign LICENSEE
    RF Channel usage and default reset notes. RCA Model: DTA800B1L Notes.
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