Antenna TV Channel 3.3

TV channel selection for Antenna.

  • Virtual Channel number 3 represents the WREG TV station while the subchannel number .3 represents the REG service data stream.

  • WREG Antenna as it appears on the info Screen .

  • The TV Station service ID : Antenna
  • The WREG weather Digital Channel : 3.3.
  • Language: English
  • To Tune to Antenna after an initial scan or adding it to your channel list,enter 3.3 as the station and service numbers.
  • WREG Provider Service Information

  • The WREG Antenna Tv related Web address is:

  • The Antenna 3.3 Service symbol is Antenna - "Antenna TV".

    Antenna TV Scan and RF

    WREG Antenna TV service scan.

    The WREG RF Channel information below can be used to tune directly to Antenna TV.
  • To direct tune WREG Antenna TV; point the antenna toward Mid shelby County near Memphis Tennessee
  • Using The DTV RF Number to tune in Antenna

  • Selecting RF channel 28.3 will tune in Antenna TV and then display the Virtual Channel and service number as shown to your left.
  • You could then add the WREG "Antenna" service to your channel list.
  • WREG Digital Channel 3 Reception - Shelby County, Memphis Tennessee
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