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Channel 36 TV Stations
WTVQ 36.2 - MNT

  • WTVQ 36.3 - Independant - Lexington Kentucky .

  • WTVQ TV Channel 36.3

    TV channel selection for WTVQ-3.

  • Number 36 represents the WTVQ TV station.
  • Service number -3 selects WTVQ service three .

  • WTVQ-3 is one of three available WTVQ TV services.

  • The WTVQ-3 displayed channel and service Info .

  • The TV Station service ID : WTVQ-3
  • The WTVQ displayed channel and service number: 36.3.
  • Language: English

  • Tuning to WTVQ-3 Ind after adding service .3 .

  • Entering 36 as the Station channel, with service number .3 will get you to the WTVQ-3, Ind service .

  • WTVQ Provider Service Information
    The Official WTVQ-3 TV Station Web Site is:

    The WTVQ-3 Service channel .3 associated Network is Ind - "Independant Broadcast".

    WTVQ-3 Digital TV RF Tune

    WTVQ-3 Independant service scan.

  • To scan for The WTVQ-3 "IND" TV service; point the antenna toward the eastern side of Lexington, in Fayette County, Kentucky

  • Using The DTV RF channel to tune in WTVQ-3

  • Selecting RF channel 40.3 will tune in the WTVQ-3 service and then display the WTVQ Icon Channel 36 with service number .3 as seen to your left.
  • You could add the WTVQ-3 "Network Independant " service to your channel list using this methode.
  • The number "-3" at the end of the WTVQ station call sign denotes service .3
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