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Channel 17 TV Stations
  • WZTV 17 - FOX
  • WZTV Channel 17.1 - FOX - Nashville Tennessee.

    WZTV Channel 17

    WZTV analog to Digital Icon channel

  • 17 is the WZTV station Icon channel number; known by previous FOX 17 analog TV broadcast.
  • Service .1 serves as the selector for local ZTV 17 News and FOX Network programing.

  • 17 is a virtual Channel number .
  • WZTV is furnishing one service channel .
  • See the right side of this page for FOX 17 service scan and (RF) channel tuning info

    WZTV FOX 17 Info as it appears on the info Screen.

  • The TV Station service ID : WZTV-FO
  • The WZTV channel number : 17.1.
  • Language: English

  • This WZTV Channel 17 service data stream is on digital sub-channel one (.1).

  • To Tune to WZTV-FO after an initial scan or adding it to your channel list, enter either 17 or 17.1 as the station channel number.

  • WZTV Provider Service Information
    The Official WZTV-FO TV Station Web Site is:
    WZTV 17 News -
    Fox 17 Weather -
    Studio Location: 631 Mainstream Drive, Nashville TN 37228

    The WZTV-FO 17.1 associated Network is FOX - "".
    View FOX Affiliate Stations.
    * WZTV has Two Sister stations : WUXP My 30 and WNAB 58 *

    WZTV Station RF Channel

    Scan for WZTV FOX

  • RF Channel 15 represents the UHF Radio frequency 479.000 MHZ used by TV Station WZTV.
  • To scan for WZTV FOX and future services; point the antenna toward the northern center of Davidson county.(above Nashville, Tennessee.)
  • as seen on this map snipit at D15.
  • Go to your DTV or ATSC - Digital To Analog Converter Box service menu, check keep current channels if applicable then select scan for services.

  • Using The DTV RF Number to tune in WZTV-FO

  • Entering RF channel 15 as either 15 or 15.1
    will tune in WZTV-FO and then display Icon Channel 17 service .1 as shown to your left.
  • if you can add a single channel to your TV/DTV converter unit, then the above method can be utilized for this purpose.
  • The letters "FO" at the end of the WZTV station call sign give reference to the "FOX Network"
  • Results from a DTV RF Number 15 scan for WZTV services

    Number of Services found : 1
    The WZTV Digital Transport ID is : AA7
    Number of Services added : 1
    The WZTV Transmit Power
    1000 kW Effective Radiated Power at 411 meters above average terrain. "one million Watts"

    The WZTV Call sign Licensee

    Official FCC Call sign: WZTV
    Licensed frequency range:
    RF Channel usage and default reset notes.
    RCA Model: DTA800B1L Notes.

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