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Channel 4 TV Stations
  • KMOV 4.2 - LWN

  • KMOV TV Channel 4.2

    TV channel selection for KMOV-LW.

  • Virtual Channel number 4 represents the KMOV station while the subchannel number .2 represents the LW service.

  • KMOV Live Well Network as on the info Screen .

  • The TV Station service ID : KMOV-LW
  • The KMOV LW channel number : 4.2.
  • Language: English
  • To Tune to KMOV-LW after an initial scan or adding it to your channel list,enter 4.2 as the station and service numbers.
  • KMOV Provider Service Information

  • The Official KMOV-LW Station Web Site is:

  • The KMOV 4.2 Service symbol is LWN - "Live Well Network".

    KMOV LWN RF Channel Tune

    KMOV Live Well Network service scan.

  • Prier to other services being stored as channel 24, the WMOV RF information below can be used to tune to Live Well anytime .
  • To scan for KMOV-LW service two; point the antenna toward the southeastern tip of St. Louis, county Missouri near the Monroe County line.
  • Using The DTV RF Number to tune to KMOV-LW on service Channel .2

  • Selecting RF channel 24.2 will tune in KMOV-LW and then display the Virtual Channel and service stream as shown to your left.
  • The letters "LW" at the end of the KMOV station call sign give reference to ; (Needs research)
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